The Charity

What does the Charitable Foundation do?

  • Raises funds through various appeals and fundraising initiatives as well as supporting others through their own fundraising.

  • Receives donations, legacies and grants.

  • Supervises implementation of donor’s wishes.

  • Manages funds efficiently to generate additional income.

  • The charity's running costs are met by money raised from investments.

  • All funds are disbursed throughout the Trust in accordance with the donor’s wishes. This is supervised by the Foundation Board advised by four groups; one each for items of medical equipment, training and education, patient and staff support, research and development. Each group is chaired by one of the trustees with co-opted input as appropriate from members of the Trust and University staff. The Foundation is accountable to the Charities Commission for the efficient performance of these tasks.

    Fundraising for wards and clinical specialties is run by staff, families and community fundraisers.

    Your help is vital in helping us to help others and make “best out of better”