I Love NHS Badges

Derek Marshall contacted the fundraising team with the idea of forming a ‘Love the NHS’ group, with a badge to indicate you were a supporter of the NHS.

Derek told us his wife Betty had dementia and suffered a catastrophic stroke, leaving her unable to speak, move or eat and that carers would come in 4 times a day to wash and dress her, feed her liquid meals through a tube in her tummy and use an electric hoist to get her in and out of bed and into her special wheel chair.

He said “They are wonderful with her. There are no words that can express the gratitude we feel towards the NHS for the care we receive. If you or a loved one has ever been rushed into hospital in an emergency, you will know you receive immediate lifesaving attention, it is the best in the world.”

Derek had this terrible conscience that he was taking so much and giving nothing back in return and wondered what, if anything, he could do about it and that’s when he came up with the idea of “I Love the NHS” badges. He Said “If people are willing to make a donation in return for a badge, this could make a huge difference.”

He then went on to say “I would like to see all who donate given a badge that would attract interest and help to spread the word.”

Derek wanted to be the first person to buy a badge, but sadly before we had the chance to launch them Derek passed away, so we would like to dedicate them to his memory.

Thanks to Derek, you can now donate £1 and get one of these lovely badges. Youcan visit Terry on the charity stalls within the LGI or you can order 5 or more by telephoning 0113 206 4540.