Paediatric Liver and Renal Ward

The Paediatric Liver and Renal Ward at Leeds Children’s Hospital moved from Wards 10 & 11 to their new home in Ward L50, Clarendon Wing. Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal have recently funded some fantastic artwork for the walls to create a soothing and calming environment.


Leeds Children’s Hospital TV

Leeds Children’s Hospital TV has been funded by the Charitable Foundation to provide accessible information to help children and families prepare for a visit, explaining what to expect on a ward or during a particular procedure.

It brings together a range of films made with ward staff or by young people and their families themselves and enables feedback from existing patients in a fun, interactive way.

Nurse consultant Sue Morgan says, “This is very exciting for us and the first time in the UK a children’s hospital has launched this type of service.

“We know coming into hospital can be stressful for young people and their parents, and much of that is about the fear of the unknown. Seeing the friendly faces of our staff, what the wards are like and hearing from youngsters already in hospital will hopefully prove reassuring - feedback so far has been really positive.”

The project was formally launched on Tuesday 17th May 2016 by Leeds Teaching Hospitals Chief Executive Julian Hartley together with other special guests. A significant number of films have already been made, and these will be added to in the coming year to create a useful resource about the work of Leeds Children’s Hospital and what our young patients think. They can be found on lchtv.com

LCHTV has been nominated for a Nursing Times Award.


Twiddle Muffs

"Twiddle Muffs" are knitted hand muffs with bits and bobs attached to play with; a great way to support our elderly patients!

Created by Margaret Light for her gran Lily to keep her hands warm and busy, they offer tactile and mental stimulation, relief from arthritis and comfort for dementia patients.

We’re encouraging people to make and donate Twiddle Muffs for our elderly patients. Simply CLICK HERE to download your Twiddle Muffs Instruction kit to knit your own and send them in to us!

Get in touch for more information by emailing Jemma.Richmond@nhs.net or by calling 0113 206 5223.


Ward L40 Environment

Environment work has been completed on Ward L40, with Panda and jungle themes adorning the walls!


Comfort Care Packs

Pictured are end of life care nurses and staff from Ward L16 with some comfort care packs. These packs were very kindly donated by the Garforth and District Lions Club and are currently being given out to relatives of dying patients on the Cardiology wards. The pack enhances the support given to relatives of patients who are nearing the end of their life as it shows they are being thought about during a very tough time.

The packs include a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, shampoo, shaving foam, eye mask, ear plugs, mints, comb and a face cloth. Simple gestures like these can mean a lot to these individuals during this stressful time, so a big thank you to the Lions Club for providing the packs.


Community Links

Community links are a Yorkshire based mental health charity. This year their 300 staff decided to ‘give back’ to local causes and gathered a great selection of toys and books for our young patients. A big thank you to all.


Environment HDU & PICU

Following the redecoration of the HDU and PICU departments, PICU Team leader Sharon Beanland told us: “Before the decoration the parents area was very spartan, clinical looking and very unwelcoming.

“The art work in particular has reduced the clinical look, and many parents and visiting siblings have commented on the welcoming and calming effect of the ‘fishy scenes.’

“The directional arrows also help parents to find their way around and as the theme is throughout PICU and HDU, there is a feeling of connection and working together.

It is a vast improvement for the children, parents and staff and we are very grateful for the support received.”


Paediatric Wall Glamour Dermatology Dept CAH

The wall glamour, funded by The Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation has been completed in the Paediatric Dermatology waiting area, rooms 1, 2, 3 and the phototherapy area. It looks fantastic and has made a huge difference to facilities for our children.

Bev Mousa, Senior Sister of the Dermatology Department, told us, "Thank you so much for supporting this project from Charitable Funding, and to Irwin Mitchell Solicitors for contributing to the project.If they would like to come to the area to see the work they are most welcome, as of course are you."

More photos of the wall glamour are available on our Facebook page.


Makeover for Ward 31

Patients and staff in J31 of St James’s University Hospital are experiencing a ward makeover. This is a female ward for elderly patients with acute medical problems. The majority of the patients are bed bound so can only see their immediate surroundings.

The makeover will enhance their environment with the provision of new windows, curtains, redecoration, televisions and bright, attractive soft furnishings.

These changes will revamp the ward into a more pleasant, comfortable and welcoming place.

And that’s not all... after the redecoration and additions are complete, innovative artwork will be installed for all to enjoy.