If you are thinking about supporting the wards and departments of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals, there are loads of ways you can help!

Your support, no matter how small or large, play a vital part in supporting the hospitals amazing work.

Donations are critical to help fund much-needed research and equipment into finding new treatments and cures but also providing a brighter and happier environment for our patients while undergoing treatment.

So whether you are setting out on an individual challenge, getting together a group of colleagues at work or fundraising at school, we are on-hand to provide you with tips, ideas and information on how to organise and run a successful fundraising event!.

Fundraising Ideas

Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas for event ideas and inspiration. You could also support some of our activities too:

Can you help us with our Collection Tin Appeal?

Are you looking for a hassle-free way your business can raise funds for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal?

You can support Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal by having one of our collection tins. Our tins are a low-risk way for your customers and staff to make regular change donations.

Simply let us know when it's full, we will cash it up and supply you with a new tin and receipt!

If you would like to take one or more collection tins, please call 0113 206 6640 today!