How To Fundraise

We encourage community groups to hold fundraising events to raise money for our wards or departments, whether you are organising a coffee morning, tombola or anything sponsored, these are all great ways of raising money or why not give us a call and we can help you come up with some great ideas for events.

Please let us know what you are planning; simply download an AGREEMENT FORM here if you are fundraising for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal, here for BCRAG, here for DayOne or here for for the Charitable Foundation in general, or a specific ward/department. Fill it in and either email or post it back to the Charitable Foundation Fundraising Office.

Once we receive your signed and completed agreement form we will send you a letter of authority which will assist you in your fundraising and also if challenged by the Police or any member of the public whilst fundraising on our behalf you will have the appropriate documentation.

Points to consider

  • Set yourself a REALISTIC fundraising target. It's more impressive to sponsors if they can see you reaching your target - don't give yourself an impossible challenge and try not to over estimate your total money.

  • Think about who you can target as sponsors, and then think about how you can get your sponsors to tell their friends and widen the circle. Try placing your potential sponsors in to groups - Family, Friends, Work colleages and Community connections.

  • Organising an events is also a great way to draw in the community and it can help you raise a larger amount in a shorter space of time.

  • Make sure you keep it legal - Before you start to fundraise, please read through the LTHCF Fundraising Checklist for an insight into the rules & regulations - Download the checklist

  • Press and PR - We always encourage individuals who are raising money for LTHCF to approach their local press office with exciting event stories. If you would like pointers and advice on who to approach the media, please contact the fundraising team first on 0113 206 4540.

  • When writing about or producing advertising/ publicity on behalf of Leeds Charitable Foundation, we ask everyone to be professional in their approach, and if the charity logo is needed, please contact us for the official logo and usage policy.